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FRIENDS FOREVER Jersey City is the closest city to New York, a hop-skip and jump to a vast industry of theater and acting schools. Bambi is no less an aspirant to become the actress of the 21st century. Omkar, an implant from india also an actor sure a common bond and faith to build their careers. No less, share the same apartment and Omkar love’s for a white girl has a fascination to his inner ego. The beginning of the show very elated Omkar prepares his famous DAL TADKA, much to his delight to share with Bambi. The preparation leads to a fire, smoke detector going off and Bambi is in a hot seat to remove the fiery stench of chilies and shuns herself to her bedroom where the spicy aroma doesn't reach her nostrils. Her mother on the phone is very alarmed by her roommate who may be a terrorist, but Bambi doubts it? So when Omkara and his roommate sits to eat, just one scoop of dal in Bambi’s mouth puts her on fire, she runs around without a direction. She now realizes, the terror living in his apartment, dealing with uncouthness, hot and spicy food, his casual candor to her pain, very lackadaisical is the word Omkar is all about.. Watch the episode and the future episodes and please do subscribe to the channel ! Anshuman Sharma, Violetta Laze, Sonny Chatrath, Diana Darii, Seeyali Singh, Ganesh Chandra, Jagan Badvel, AJ Ramesh Produced by Nicholas Noor Directed by Hyder Bilgrami
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